666 baseball caps (adjustable) - intl | 3mxwIS3e

666 baseball caps (adjustable) - intl | 3mxwIS3e
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A national package mail!

The following remote areas do not post (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai,)

About the goods
Our goods 100% in kind shooting. All goods have detailed dimensions, materials, signs and description of the goods, please read the instructions carefully, if there is any problem, please contact customer service personnel to answer for you

Due to the display of different degrees of reduction caused by commodity color, different display, color will be different, not within the scope of control, the goods in kind prevail, the color is very concerned about the pro!

About the delivery
We unified delivery of 5 PM every day, more than the next day delivery time, if you have special request, please contact customer service to talk things over solve. Please buyer when the goods before delivery person to sign for goods face to face. If there is leakage, please contact us to solve in time.

About returns
Goods sold in does not affect again, you can return within 7 days. The refund: non quality issue a refund, the customer need to bear the Courier charge back and forth; Quality issue a refund, round-trip freight shall be borne by our shop.

About the evaluation of
Except the business shop, treat every decree by destiny friends will treat each other sincerely, dear friends, after receipt of the goods, have any not satisfied, can find the shopkeeper consultation must give you satisfactory answer, please don't give in bad review, let us understand each other, make progress together ~ if you are satisfied, please give us five points, thank you very much.

Can return Documents submitted Postage problem Return time Remarks
quality problem can Outline map want to really want to The seller bear Within 7 days Back and forth for freight right sellers undertake, please payment first express cost when send back goods, return the goods to you after we receive the return shipping charges. (because to pay the postage is very expensive, 2-4 times that of normal postage) we take the principle of no more than when you buy the freight back and forth!
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尺寸严重偏差 要图要真想 卖家承担 7天内
尺寸细微偏差 要图要真想 各自承担 7天内
个人不喜欢 无需提供图片 买家承担 7天内
细微色差/其他 无需提供图片 买家承担 7天内


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666 baseball caps (adjustable) - intl | 3mxwIS3e

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